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IPhones Are Apples Priority  But Is Its Advertising Biz Coming Back?

At its Worldwide Developer Conference in June, Apple announced it would start blocking third-party cookies and digital fingerprinting in Safari . The move was a pointed dig at Facebook, whose data-collecting widgets are embedded all over the internet. Apple doesn’t need third-party tracking data to target ads. Just look at its search ads product , which allows advertisers to target people based on their searches, App Store metadata, deidentified data on the apps a user has downloaded in the past and contextual information, such as time of day and device type. If Apple is serious about building an ad product, it’s going to “keep looking for ways to differentiate while still maintaining its stance on user privacy,” Magnuson said. But it’s not easy to woo advertisers without a truly compelling data proposition. One large media agency told AdExchanger that volume for search ads was “super low” and that there hasn’t been much growth in its use other than for branding and bidding on a competitor’s keywords. Feedback about Apple search ads as an exciting channel has been muted other than to praise the simplicity of the UI. Even so, Apple’s search ads business was reportedly worth almost $1 billion last year – a drop in the bucket versus overall revenue, but every billion counts as Tim Cook endeavors to double Apple’s services-related revenue over the next two years. In 2018, though, hardware remains the apple of Apple’s eye. Apple worshippers can expect three new larger-screened iPhones to be unveiled at Wednesday’s event.

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